Jul 6, 2012

new shit from eevil stöö X koksukoo a.k.a. coke-k

rise of the finnish underground!!!



video by slowknow production

Jun 20, 2012

alas @ bassoradio 200612 w/ rpk

download: http://alas.kschzt.com/basso-alas-20120620.mp3

pole_ fahren_
kit clayton_ kalu_
hieronymus_ natural-dub_
deadbeat_ steady as rock_
deadbeat & danuel tate_ lazy jane_
kings_ trapp Musik 1_
blue sky black death and nacho picasso_ the god’s don’t favor you_
flosstradamus_ lana’s theme_
sango_ todo o mondo_
subp yao_ eastern promises_
uz_ trap shit v4_
branko_ going in hard (beataucue rmx)_
metaxu_ untitled_
asap ant_ 3flips6_
aztra_ aavikko_
color plus_ three suns_
5kinandbone5 & robert jeffrey_ penis power (uz x lolgurlz rmx)_
jlma hnri x rpk_ palaan pahempana_
jlma hnri x rpk_ euro crack rocks_
jon kwest_ hustla_
+verb_ bumin it_
flosstradamus_ mota_
sub yao_ fuck around_
ol_ find me_
spaceghostpurp_ don’t give a damn_
g jones_ dubious_
flosstradamus_ from the back (lunice rmx)_
bleep bloop_ bernie’s block_
eprom_ regis chillbin (machinedrum rmx)_
pac div_ automatic_
asap rocky_ goldie_
thurz_ dope_
dr. dabs & steezy nicks_ brolympics_
anti-g_ its just fresh hiphop_
holy other_ know where (danny corn reaffix)_
high park_ ovah_

Jun 3, 2012

euro crack iz here!!! get that get that..

May 24, 2012

JLMA HNRI & RPK: EURO CRACK coming soon! get that.. get that..

May 24, 2012

alas @ bassoradio 230512 w/ rpk

listen/download: http://alas.kschzt.com/basso-alas-20120523.mp3

photon!_ nikko_
modeselektor_ silikon (grime rmx)_
subp yao_ 80hate_
dreams_ oooo_
caracal_ elements_
deadbeat & danuel tate_ lazy jane_
lorn_ the well_
evian christ_ snapback back_
eskiboy_ eskimo (devils mix)_
drippin x strictface_ buss mi gunz (semi devil mix)_
becoming real_ showdown in chinatown_
joker_ zariak_
distal_ rattlesnake_
silverlink_ the message is love (starkey rmx instrumental)_
808 bass psychosis_ sub bass in harmony_
djemba djemba_ get slow_
kings_ trap musik 1_
pheo._ drop_
rpk_ buuma-class_
nick minaj_ did it on em (ol rmx)_
thavius beck_ rationalizing emotion_
8ball_ stop playing games (b-ju rmx)_
sines_ mind riddim_
elusive_ trill til i die_
elusive_ og kush snow kones_
jeremiah jae_ money and food (rmx)_
subp ayo_ heyhuyhay_
eprom_ regis chillbin (machinedrum rmx)_
sleepyhead_ my lyf_
ol_ give up_
dj earl_ we trippy mane_
flosstradamus_ rollup_
rl grime_ treadstone_
lunice_ the good kids_
evil stöö_ legacy (instru)_

Mar 14, 2012

alas @ bassoradio 140312 rpk

listen/download: http://alas.kschzt.com/basso-alas-20120314.mp3

john bender_ woman’s runner_
xex_ svetlana_
aloa_ traumfrau_
cold love_ ready_
kuedo_ truth flood_
elan_ 2in5four (low limit rmx)_
the product_ almost afraid of it_
system_ wouldn’t_
aaimon_ ○+☆≋□ _
koksukoo_ runhide_
mess kid_ sipslow_
hxbd & self evident_ new stylee_
evian christ_ fuck it none of yawl don’t rap_
arae_ witching hour_
distal_ amphbian_
loefah_ mud_
death grips_ culture shock_
chase n. cashe_ this & that_
juicy j_ drugged out_
clicks & whistles_ neva get caught (starks & nacey rmx)_
myrryrs_ blood of a slave_
eprom_ rubber sheets (bleep bloop edit)_
soulja boy_ ak47 (dripping rewreck)_
lunice_ himanes anthem_
dorrough music_ that lowend_
rpk_ spaecs “exlusive shit”_
blue sky black death & nacho picasso_ on a bitch_
sines_ mind riddim_
oneone_ initiative_
pac div_ birds (ft pill)_
machinedrum_ what u wanted 2 feel_
hudson mohawke_ cbat_
johnny polygon_ my shit>_
schlachtofbronx_ slowine_
el-p_ the full retard_
clams casino_ real shit from a real nigga (instrumental)_
com truise_ ether drift_
om unit vs. kromestar_ solar cycle_

Feb 16, 2012

alas @ bassoradio 160212 non person & rpk

listen / download: http://alas.kschzt.com/basso-alas-20120215.mp3


non person:
asap rocky_ been around the world (skrewed and chopped)
schoolboy q_ blessed ft kendrick lamar
clams casino_ what u doin
blackpocket_ bartn groov
paul white_ bom bom
raja_ makeup
drake_ crew love ft the weeknd (shlohmo remix)
non person_ lug u girl, forever edit
flying lotus_ i feel like dying
nacho picasso_ numbnuts
muta_ carousel
emeli sandé_ daddy (pedestrian remix)
gang colours_ dance around the subject (pedestrian remix)
cfcf_ cometrue (d’eon remix)
non person_ come back
jacques greene_ these days

lunice_ bricks
cryptical_ showing out
neako_ nfs333 hot pursuit ft bxb
riddlore_ monkey bars
rpk_ jerkshit instru
babe rainbow_ greed (sanctums remix)
the cool kids_ tyros (instrumental)
nadsroic_ room mist
airborn audio_ monday through sunday
n.m.s._ brave new world
raadsel_ dogbite (luisterwaar remix)
elan_ down 4 you
b.lewis_ code(x)
lakritze_ tropical meat
clams casino_ brainwash by london (inst)
dizz 1_ drastic measures
blue sky black death & nacho picasso_ fight bill
new boyz_ ams
doshy_ redworm
arp.101_ groove
chuck inglish_ curly hair
1000names_ la boheme

Feb 1, 2012

alas @ basso 010212

listen/download: http://alas.kschzt.com/basso-alas-20120201.mp3

african head charge_ belinda
disrupt_ last blade
mystica tribe_ meditation stick (syncom data rmx)
deadbeat_ fourth quarter (cala’s house)
mike dehnert_ umlaut two (part two)
xoki_ cypher
stagga_ wild for the night (doshy rmx)
anti-g_ freak it out
5kinandbone5_ reset
lil silva_ cheese and bun
renard with no regard_ it’s all right ft ced what?
myrryrs_ paradis parka
wheez ie_ keep yer chin up (salva rmx)
mimosa_ night terrors
blue sky black death & nacho picasso_ staring at the sun
cryptical_ shown out
jellybones_ pinch & shackleton

non person:
raja_ sara
felony flats_ ?
non person_ ?
dro carey_ journey with the heavy
heat wave_ i’m fucking you tonight
blue sky black death & nacho picasso_ maintain
?_ call of the wintermoon
?_ diamondii
o f f love_ be around u
asap rocky_ around the world (chopped & screwed)
bullion_ time for us all to love
gang colours_ on compton bay
mother north_ y
aaliyah_ try again (memotone remix)
maguett_ w’up

Jan 5, 2012

Non Person - Txx Late, Reduction, feat. Clouds & Sarah Kivi (From 9 track album Things With Consequences, Part 1, by Non Person)

Jan 3, 2012

rrimöykk - wave days - mix

listen/download: http://alas.kschzt.com/mixes/rrim%C3%B6ykk-wave_days.mp3

this is a mix of 80’s wave (new, minimal, dark… etc) sounds.
it’s 120 mins of drum machines, analog synths, tape delays, plate reverbs, diy electronics, passionate singing.
thanks for all the bloggers that been pushin these rare and hard to get tape and vinyl rips for people like me.
i hope you’ll enjoy these songs that really blew my mind away when i found these sounds.
this mix is my way of giving back to the these waves that might just be the best music on earth.

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